Understanding How We Treat Joint Pain

Joint Pain / Degeneration

Arthritis is a common condition that affects approximately 350 million people worldwide and nearly 40 million people in the United States. There are more than 100 different kinds of arthritis, a condition of the joints that causes pain, swelling, and stiffness and limits range of motion.


The cause of these difficulties is the breakdown of cartilage in the joints themselves. Cartilage is unique in that it is a kind of tissue that doesn’t contain blood vessels and therefore heals or regenerates at a very slow rate. In osteoarthritis, the most common form of the disease, the pain comes from the wearing away of the cartilage, which leaves no protection for the joints with movement.

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The biggest issue with this disease is that none of the medical treatments currently used (drugs or surgery) do anything to help the joint repair itself. The aim of these procedures is pain relief and to replace the entire joint itself when deemed necessary, which inherently comes with its own complications.


How many people reading this have ever gotten a shot of corticosteroids (a cortisone shot)? It is one of the most common treatments for joint pain, but like everything else all it does is mask the pain. New research suggests that corticosteroids increase cartilage cell death, alters cartilage and collagen production, is toxic to stem cells, and decreases the ability to repair tendons.  This would potentially wear out your joints faster, pushing you down the road to getting a replacement much earlier than would be needed.


The two therapies that we use at our office both have the same treatment goal: to restore and repair joint tissue.

Reduce Peripheral Neuropathy & Chronic Pain Without Drugs or Surgery

(FDA Cleared), And Proven Solution To Treat Pain.

Sanexas Therapy

Sanexas works on pain through a method called electric cell signaling (EST). The EST treatments work to reestablish normal cellular healing. It provides pain relief due to:

  • Ligand/hormone activity imitation

  • pH normalization

  • Improved membrane permeability

  • Trophic improvement

  • Activation of Regeneration — cAMP (Cell repair and normalization)

  • Immune system support (Gap Junction) through enhanced communication cell-to-cell


Sanexas is the only EST device published in multiple medical journals and used in clinical research proving the ability to heal tissue and regenerate nerves.

Sanexas is an FDA Cleared & Accepted Treatment for:

Sanaxas Peripheral

Neuropathy & Chronic Pain Benefits:

  • No More Dangerous Drugs

    Stop putting harmful medications into your body to just cover up your pain.  It’s time to heal!  Sanexas is a 100% Drug Free Solution.

  • Stop missing out on the Fun Things In Life

    Pain can stop you from doing what you love.  It’s time to get back on the golf course, playing with your family, and enjoying life!

  • Get to the Root Cause of Your Discomfort

    Sanexas gets to the root cause of your Pain.  By using Cell Signaling Technology, your body is allowed to heal and potentially eliminate your pain once and for all.

  • Over 30 Published Studies Conducted

    Sanexas is proven, safe, and effective.  There are over 30 published studies supporting the technology.  Sanexas is proud to be FDA cleared.

Restoring Your Quality of Life

Because of the nerve pain that you are living with today, you may no longer be as physically and socially active as you once were. Your professional aspirations and personal relationships may have suffered. Having to decide between the pain and expense of surgery and the potential addiction of prescription medications puts you in a no-win situation. However, we are proud to provide you with a superior treatment that has the ability to restore your quality of life. You can find a deeper level of enjoyment in your personal relationships, career, hobbies and more once you take advantage of the regenerative healing benefits of Sanexas.

Is Sanexes electrotherapy right for you? Through a consultation with our neuropathy specialist at The Vanguard Clinic  we will fully answer all of your questions about this treatment. We will also determine if this treatment is suitable for your specific health situation. Call our office at to request a consultation.

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