Patient Testimonials


David M.

I started visiting the clinic a few weeks ago with chronic back and knee pain. After just a few weeks I am feeling so much better! Thank you everyone! With hard work I am hoping to be pain free for a long time.

K. Craft

It’s a kind environment, effective, and efficient.


I get great service and am treated like a KING.

George Kite

Happy to have found The Vanguard Clinic. Stem Cell Therapy has made such a difference. The staff is awesome!

Deanna B.

It’s Close to home, has available hours, friendly staff, and notifications about appointments!

Ann F.

Love the nice people and wonderful care.

Bill T.

The Vanguard clinic is very professional. They do what they say they will do. Knee feels great. I can walk ½ mile again. Lost 25lbs and it’s just starting!

Berri M.

I love The Vanguard Clinic for many reasons. The staff’s friendliness and their willingness to go the extra mile. I credit Dr. Elder whom I see for keeping me mobile with multiple spine issues. All chiropractors, massage persons, and all personnel go above and beyond and really care about people.

David M

So what can I say other than THANK YOU to The Vanguard Clinic. The staff has been so great! They have made me feel so welcomed. If it was up to me I would give them all pay raises. Great job!

Roy N.

I really enjoy coming here. The staff is wonderful and they really enjoy their jobs. The treatment has made my knees much better

Julia J.

I believe Dr. Mike has truly saved my life! My pain was so severe I couldn’t even work anymore. Dr. Mike changed my diet and did therapy treatments and I’m back at work! I’m living my life again. Jamal keeps me moving with massages. After years of pain with doctors putting me on drugs with no relief, these guys are angels!

Christine H.

I appreciate the warm reception and the care of the staff.

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