Welcome to The Vanguard Clinic!

Welcome to The Vanguard Clinic! We are an Integrated Medical Clinic located in St. Louis, MO.

At The Vanguard Clinic, we take a team approach to getting you well.  The dedicated staff includes an osteopathic physician who is board-certified in emergency medicine, a chiropractor, a nurse practitioner, and several rehab techs.  We work together to get the best results for YOU!

Here at The Vanguard Clinic, we specialize in treating a number of different ailments, including chronic joint pain, back pain, arthritis, joint/muscle/ligament tears, sciatica, disc issues, weight-problems, autoimmune conditions and more.  We offer a variety of services here, including the latest in therapeutic technologies (including K-laser, decompression, Hako-Med, Stim, Intersegmental Traction, Vibe Plate, and more), rehabilitative and physical therapy services, trigger point injections, and Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy.

Check out what patients are saying about our clinic! Visit our video testimonial page located at the top of your browser.

Please check back with us often as we will be offering free advice and tips to help you live a healthier life. Thanks for reading, and welcome to The Vanguard Clinic.

Michael Glickert, DC Dr. Glickert is an expert in the proper treatment, diagnoses, and documentation of neck and back pain injuries resulting from automobile accidents. He has extensive post-graduate continuing education studies in car collision injury research and physiotherapy/rehabilitation treatments, procedures and techniques.

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