Drop those winter lbs FAST!

The struggle is real!  If you’re like most Americans, you’re probably trying to figure out how to drop those extra winter pounds before swim-suit season.  We’re here to give you a few tips to make that easier for you.

#1 STAY HYDRATED.  Did you know that dehydration can cause weight-gain?  It’s true!  Dehydration causes the metabolism to become sluggish.  A steady and efficient metabolism is one of the keys to successful weight-loss.

#2 EAT MORE FIBER.  Are you getting enough fiber in your diet?  Believe it or not, most people do not.  Fiber is most commonly found in the seeds and skins of fruits and vegetables.  Fiber is beneficial because it can help you to feel full more quickly and stay fuller longer.  Fiber also helps to regulate blood sugar, thus reducing your risk of developing diabetes.

#3 KEEP A LOG.  Keeping a food log can help you to become more conscious of what you’re eating, when you’re eating it, and why.  It’s a great way to identify periods of over-eating as well as periods of stress-eating.  Keep track of your mood and appetite levels as well.  These give important clues as to how your body reacts to and processes different foods.

#4 STOP COUNTING CALORIES.  Sounds crazy, right?  Rather than counting calories, we should be counting nutrients.  A 100-calorie pack of brownie bites offers almost no nutritional value, while 100 calories worth of carrots, spinach, or another vegetable would provide you with nutrient and fiber-rich energy that keeps you fuller longer. 

#5 EAT FRESH.  Eating lots of processed foods can really muck up the metabolism.  Be sure to include several different vegetables and fruits in your diet each day.  Try to eat twice as many vegetables as fruits and include these fresh foods at each meal.  Reduce your consumption of processed foods and sugary drinks.  This may also help to reduce your risk of diabetes.

If you still need help reaching your weight-loss goals, we’ve got all the tools you need! At The Vanguard Clinic, we have a revolutionary weight-loss program that’s based on YOUR DNA.  This comprehensive analysis gives us a detailed report on what types of calories your body burns most efficiently, which exercises are best for your muscle fiber type, and other genetic markers related to satiety.  Our weight-loss specialist, Adrienne provides 1 on 1 support all the way through your journey!

Sarah Stanton

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