All Natural Back Pain Relief With Horizontal Electrotherapy

If you’re having difficulty with back pain, you certainly aren’t alone. It’s a frequently experienced ailment in the United States and one of the most common reasons patients see their doctors.

Fortunately, most back discomfort is temporary and caused by traumatic muscle or tendon strains that occur during an accidental fall, sports activities, or a variety of routine daily activities.

Sometimes, however, bony abnormalities in your spine or degenerative changes caused by the normal aging process can cause long-term pain due to nerve impingement and other issues. Even chronically poor sitting or standing posture can leave you with long-term, painful back problems.

The integrative medicine specialists at The Vanguard Clinic are devoted to providing patient-focused care that combines the best of traditional medicine with innovative new therapies that work.

These highly trained back experts are interested in treating the underlying cause of your discomfort as well as the pain itself and are very pleased with the benefits their patients experience from Horizontal Electrotherapy.

They’re happy to answer a few questions about this effective, all-natural treatment for back pain.

What is electrotherapy?

Also known as bioelectric therapy, electrotherapy uses a specially designed device to direct mild electrical impulses at problem areas to help alleviate pain and speed healing. These impulses are set at the same electrical frequency that your brain uses to interact with your nerves.

Chiropractors, orthopedists, and pain medicine specialists have used various forms of electrotherapy in varying frequencies for decades to help increase circulation to damaged tissues and speed healing, improve muscle relaxation or stimulate muscle activity, and address various other neuromuscular issues.

Electrotherapy at specific frequencies can also temporarily block the pain signals that normally travel from your nerves to your brain. Without these signals, your brain does not register pain in the treated area.

Bioelectric therapy also appears to trigger your body’s production of endorphins. These natural hormones are secreted by the brain and nervous system and have several physiological functions, including natural pain relief without the harmful side effects caused by some pain medications.

Endorphins also help improve your mood, which may be of great benefit since long-term back pain can often, understandably, lead to depression and affect your outlook on life. Along with its emotional consequences, depression is known to have a negative impact on your physical health and may slow the healing process.

What is Horizontal Electrotherapy?

Most devices used for electrotherapy can supply only one electrical frequency at a time. The Horizontal Electrotherapy system allows your provider at The Vanguard Clinic to address your back pain with varying frequencies during the same treatment session, which is often much more effective and less time consuming than single-frequency therapy.

Is Horizontal Electrotherapy painful?

Some patients report a mild tingling sensation, but most don’t experience any sensation with this completely noninvasive therapy -- other than nearly immediate pain relief. The results are relatively long-lasting compared to standard pain medications, but temporary, so you may need regular treatments to help keep your pain under control until your back has healed.

The treatment sessions typically last 20-30 minutes and are generally recommended in conjunction with physical therapy, spinal manipulation, and other treatment modalities designed to address your underlying back issue.

If you need relief from back pain, call our office or use the “book online” button to set up an appointment.

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