Adjusting for Good Health: The Top 5 Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Are you suffering from back pain that never seems to go away no matter how many painkillers you take? Do you feel like your regular doctor has given up on you because they can’t diagnose the source of your back pain according to their textbooks? If this sounds familiar, chiropractic care from The Vanguard Clinic might just be the solution for you.

A sorry story of back pain

Did you know that back pain is one of the leading causes of time off from work? One study even found that back pain is the No. 1 cause of disability around the world! These findings place the scourge of back pain firmly in the category of an epidemic.

The problem is that most people over age 40 will experience back pain of some type, and in many cases, the root causes are not treated properly. This places extra pressure on an already overworked health care system. Given that Americans spend up to $50 billion every year on back pain treatments and medications, there has to be a better way!

How can a chiropractor help?

If you’ve been seeing doctors for years about your back pain, our expert chiropractic care at The Vanguard Clinic may be able to help you heal and find the peace that you deserve. So what do we, as chiropractors, do?

Where many general doctors and conventional specialists focus on one area of pain and one diagnosis, we take a holistic approach to your health. We consider the whole body when it comes to conditions such as back pain.

In chiropractic care, the fundamental philosophy is that the spine and the musculoskeletal system of the body are in harmony. When any part of this integrated system is out of alignment, damaged, or in pain, the result can be any of a number of ailments, including back pain, joint pain, headaches, and sciatica, to name a few.

Through careful manipulation of the spine and other treatments that are aimed at improving alignment of this area, your body is given the opportunity to find balance and heal itself without surgical intervention or drugs. In this context, chiropractors see the body as a whole system that functions best when musculoskeletal elements are aligned and balanced.

If you’re interested in expert chiropractic care at The Vanguard Clinic in St. Louis, what kinds of benefits should you expect?

1. Pain relief without drugs

If you’ve been taking painkillers for your pain, you’ll be pleased to know that chiropractic treatment has consistently shown to relieve pain without drugs. Not only is this a major cost savings for you, it is also much better for your health. Who wants to keep on taking painkillers for aches and pains?

2. Treating the root causes

The root causes of aches and pains are often misdiagnosed by conventional doctors — even specialists. This can result in unnecessary surgery or years of drug-based pain relief. A chiropractor treats the root causes of chronic and acute pain. This may also eliminate other aches and pains elsewhere in your body!

3. Get rid of stress and anxiety

Life can be incredibly stressful, and many people seem to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. When your body is out of alignment and muscles and joints are sore, you put additional stress on your body. This can translate into emotional and psychological stress.

By seeing one of our professional chiropractors and receiving treatment, you may find that the weight of the world has suddenly been lifted from your shoulders! Realigning the spine, shifting scar tissue, and improving blood flow to old injuries can relieve pressure in the connective tissues, joints, muscles, and skeleton. In turn, this also relieves your mental stress.

4. Improved posture

Poor posture is one of the leading causes of headaches, back, and neck pain. When you receive chiropractic care, your body is receiving a much-needed realignment. This not only improves posture in the short term, but can also lead to better posture long-term.

5. Better sleep

Having a painful back can lead to many sleepless and disturbed nights. This sets up a cycle of exhaustion that can be tough to beat. Who wants to deal with mood swings, poor concentration, and lack of focus because of a bad back?

Once one of our chiropractors has identified and treated the root causes of back pain and other issues, you could find that your sleep suddenly improves. Your mood swings, lack of focus, and exhaustion could all disappear!

See one of our chiropractors for excellent care and treatment

No one should have to suffer in silence with pain. Let us at The Vanguard Clinic help you through experienced and professional chiropractic care. Book online with us today and discover a better way to treat your pain.

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